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What our Pilates clients are saying:

I started taking Pilates with Lisa to help with my scoliosis. After a few months of Pilates I noticed a big difference in my core strength and my back. My back looked more toned, felt stronger and my posture also improved. Lisa is truly a pleasure to work with. She is very kind, friendly, supportive and truly committed to helping you achieve your goals :) She is an amazing instructor and really tailors the sessions to your individual needs. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone!


Richmond, BC

I have worked with Lisa for the last two years, enjoying regular weekly private pilates sessions. Lisa utilizes an individualized approach to ensure that programs are targeted to my specific needs.She is extremely supportive, professional and flexible. Lisa sets achievable goals and is always calm and positive. My body and mind have never felt so strong and balanced - working with Lisa has been a revelation.

Sarah M.

West Vancouver BC, Australia

We were referred to Lisa Hostman post-surgery. My daughter required highest level of professional training to regain her mobility after having spinal fusion performed on her back at Shriners Hospital in Portland, OR. Lisa, without overstating it and with full sincerity, saved the day. Her extensive training, expertise, in-depth knowledge and patience in working with my daughter brought her back to full mobility, deeper understanding of her body and warm regard and respect for Pilates. In my daughter's own words: "Lisa knows exactly where it hurts and how to fix it, without me telling her." Physiotherapists at Shriners Hospital see children with a wide variety of severe orthopedic issues. In their words: "Your trainer is doing exactly what your daughter needs, she must have extensive knowledge and training. She is doing exactly what needs to be done." My daughter very proudly demonstrates for them all the exercises they prescribe followed by a little comment, "I do this with Lisa!". Lisa Hostman has taken the initiative, time and energy to learn and train continuously about scoliosis. She has inspired my daughters to follow in her footsteps. Training with both my daughters, she opened their minds to a deeper understanding of their bodies in ways that no one has ever taken the time to do. Her work with my gals will have a life- long effect on how they view their physical and spiritual beings. As a parent I have made it my top priority and am fully committed to supporting Lisa in the invaluable work she is doing with my daughters. I extend my gratitude and admiration."

Julia Itkin

Vancouver, BC

"I'm so excited about the progress I'm making from a debilitating injury with Lisa's guidance and incredible support. Her knowledge about how the body functions and her ability to apply it to my recovery is amazing."

Robin Wilson

North Vancouver, BC

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