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What is offered

Private training:

This is training wholly focused on your specific needs. Your first session lasts approximately an hour and includes a functional assessment, discussion of your goals and any challenges you may currently be experiencing. You will then be guided through a series of exercises that will help me design a personalized program to get you working towards achieving those goals. 


Private training is training in the manner that Joseph Pilates’ meant for it to be: specific, mindful and as unique as you are. Changing long term patterns takes both focus and repetition; many clients have found it most effective when they are able to practice either twice weekly, or commit to a home program in addition to their weekly lesson.

Group mat classes at Cordova Bay*:

This dynamic, full-body, 50-minute class will incorporate fundamental Pilates-based matwork with small equipment such as bands, weights and foam rollers. Your instructor will guide you through a range of progressive exercises designed to strengthen your core, hips, shoulders and back, while also providing gains in flexibility and balance. Suitable for beginner through intermediate levels.


Series 1) May 24th - June 14th (W) 4-4:50 pm

Series 2)  June 14th - July 5th, 2023, (W) 12-12:50 pm

Series 3) June 21st - July 12th (W) 4-4:50 pm

Series 4) July 12th - Aug 2nd (W) 12-12:50 pm

June 14th-July 5th, 2023, (W) 12-12:50 pm


Tall Tree Integrated Health, 5325 Cordova Bay Rd, Studio Room





*Due to the progressive nature of the class, sorry no drop-ins withouht prior instructor permission

Pilates for Persistent Pain:

Do you have chronic or persistent pain? 

While what we think we know about Persistent Pain is constantly developing, one thing we do know for sure is that, whatever its source, all pain is real. As a Pilates movement practitioner, Counsellor and fellow human living with Persistent Pain, I try to help people reconceptualize pain as something that can be influenced (and therefore potentially changed!) by a multitude of factors.

I really appreciate how physiotherapist Greg Lehman explains it-how the experience of pain can be likened to the over-flowing of a cup…

'Many things contribute to what is in that cup. You can have a lot of physical, mechanical, emotional and social stressors and have no pain. But at some point a sudden increase in one of those stressors or a new stressor puts you just over the edge and the water flows out and now you have pain. Often people will have more pain when there are changes in the stressors in their life. It is the inability to adapt to the new stressor that contributes to pain not necessarily the amount of the stressor in your life...In general we say that the cup is filled by the Bio-Psycho-Social factors in our life. In other words, all areas of our life. We need to keep that cup from overflowing to stay out of pain'.

~Greg Lehman



Contact me to learn more about how you can build resilience to do more of the things you love: even with persistent pain.

Pilates yyj, Persistent Pain, chronic pain, Pilates Victoria, Lisa Hostman, what's in your cup, Greg Lehman, movement optimist
Pilates yyj, Persistent Pain, chronic pain, Pilates Victoria, Lisa Hostman, what's in your cup, Greg Lehman, movement optimist
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