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Therapeutic Modalities I Use:

At its heart, Relational Life Therapy is guided by the principle of what Terry Real calls, "full respect living- the artful way of handling yourself that allows you to assert your truth and your needs, while at the same time honouring the truth and needs of each person with whom you interact- especially those you love".

With compassion and mindfulness, understand and learn how to un-hook from ways of thinking and feeling that move you away from experiencing the connection/s you want to have. Both with yourself, and with those you love.
When trauma happens, our nervous system is wisely designed to protect us by freezing up, running away or fighting if we can. Over time, and in the absence of an empathetic witness to our struggle, this can create a continued disconnect between our thoughts, emotions and bodies. Using curiosity, compassionate inquiry and mindfulness, learn how to listen to and safely reconnect with your whole self in ways that allows you to re-claim the values most important to you.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focuses on the interactions between our thoughts, behaviours and emotions. Learn how to interrupt the 'loop in your head', and make your choices more intentional.

Narrative Therapy
Narrative therapy is rooted in the idea that people's sense of identity and the issues they bring to therapy are influenced by multiple socio-cultural factors that often don't do justice to the richness of who they truly are. Narrative therapy centers around the rich and hopeful process of helping people actively 're-author' their self-narratives through reconsidering, appreciating and leaning into their preferred lives and relationships.

If you love what's in your way, it will transform...

~Dick Schwartz

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