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Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”

~ N. R. Narayana Murthy

Meet Lisa, Registered Professional Counsellor:

Lisa Hostman, BA, RPC

Lisa has a Master's level education in Counselling Psychology from City University, and is registered with the Canadian Professional Counsellor's Association. Lisa's draw to counselling came through witnessing how much both understanding and then 'unhooking' from the power of past unhelpful experiences could positively influence the ways people showed up in all aspects of their lives, especially close relationships. 


A former dancer with 20 years lived experience of chronic pain, Lisa is no stranger to navigating life with unexpected challenges. A skilled and compassionate listener, Lisa's goal is to facilitate choice. Through a blend of somatic practices, relationally-informed skill-building and collaborative conversation, she helps people understand and then re-engage with the limiting stories they've come to believe about themselves in new ways: ways that support and sustain both themselves and their relationships.


Areas of specialty:

Chronic conditions, interpersonal relationships, couples, boundaries and communication, anxiety, anger, personal growth and self-esteem, Somatic therapies

In person sessions available in Victoria BC. Online/telephone sessions available internationally.


The radical acceptance of all our emotions, even the messy, difficult ones, is the cornerstone to resilience, thriving, and true authentic happiness.

~Susan David

Meet our Certified Pilates Instructors:

Lisa Hostman, Certified Pilates Instructor

Lisa was first introduced to the Pilates method after chronic injury encouraged her to retire from a professional dance career. Since completing her comprehensive teacher training in 2007, she has had the pleasure of witnessing the profound effects the regular practice of Pilates can have on the well-being of her clients. People get stronger. They develop confidence in moving again after injury. They feel better in their bodies and in their minds, and those differences filter our into their lives beyond the studio.

Lisa encourages clients to fully understand and take ownership of what they're doing physically in order to create the lasting changes they desire. Whether they come from rehab or athletic backgrounds, clients will attest that working with Lisa is both physically challenging and rewarding as she offers consistent, progressive feedback in a supportive and fun environment.

As a Clinical Pilates Instructor Lisa specializes in working with people with various pain conditions, particularly back pain. Over thousands of hours of practice, she has noticed that as people stand forward for their health and wellness goals, they also develop a new appreciation and respect for how their life stories and those written on their bodies are related. In addition to helping people get stronger, better manage their pain and live full and rich lives, her intention is to assist her clients in deeply re-connecting and re-integrating these stories in ways that are meaningful to them.


"I'm so excited about the progress I'm making from a debilitating injury with Lisa's guidance and incredible support. Her knowledge about how the body functions and her ability to apply it to my recovery is amazing."

~Robin Wilson


There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy

~Frederich Nietzsche

If you accepted you were never broken to begin with, can you imagine what might have the space to emerge???

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