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what guides my work


I live and breathe what I teach, and what drew me into this field is exactly why I'm still in it today. The challenges we each face in our own bodies and lives inform and shape the people we are - and for me this shows up in both how I teach as well as my beliefs about wellness. As such I will never ask you to try on something I've not personally seen work with others.

Commitment and Expertise:

As a professional deeply committed to your optimal health, I recognize that how that's defined is very unique to you!  Whether you want to continue playing with your grand-children, live better with chronic pain or discover what's preventing you from making it to 10 mile point in your best time, I have the skills to help get you there. For me, commitment also means striving to expand my own knowledge in order to offer you the best and most current practices out there in the mind/body field.

Personal and Present:

How often had you had a conversation with someone who is distracted by a thousand other things? How satisfying was that experience? I know you've put aside time and resources to be with me, and my goal is to meet you there 100 percent.

Pilates, reha

Come experience
the Changepoint difference!

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