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Nurturing resilience, supporting choice and empowering embodied, relational living 

Image by Aaron Burden
  • Feeling stuck?

  • Has your relationship hit a roadblock?

  • Single and looking for a healthy relationship?

  • Would you like to reclaim your life from the effects of a chronic condition such as pain or illness?

Welcome-you're in the right place...

I help individuals and couples resolve underlying challenges within their important relationships, including the one with themselves. In a world full of stories of how we "should" look/feel/think, it can be difficult to stand up for or even know what you truly want and need. Do you struggle with anger, anxiety, burnout, feeling unheard or withdrawn, or with chronic pain? Missing that 'spark' in your life?

I can help

Sometimes it's hard to put our finger on exactly why we feel so unhappy. Whether through learning relational communication skills, healthier boundaries or understanding the links between our physical, emotional and mental health, I specialize in helping people safely explore the 'why', and then build the skills needed to decrease stress & increase authentic connection and ease in their lives.

Impoverished views of ourselves often steal our joy


Inviting curiosity, mindfulness and a large dose of self-compassion, I help people re-connect with themselves, build on their strengths, and fill in the pieces needed to support their desired changes. Curious? I invite you to reach out for a free 20 minute introductory phone call. Clinical Counselling sessions can be made available via Zoom, in person or by phone. I look forward to hearing from you soon:-)


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